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Specialist cleaning

For both commercial and residential properties, Premier Window Cleaning's service doesn't just include windows.

If required we can clean solar panels, guttering and building cladding, and also perform pressure washing.

Our rates are competitive and our contracts can be tailored to meet your requirements. Please get in touch for a free quotation.

Solar panels

If you have solar panels installed, they will need a similar cleaning schedule to your windows — if not more so. Their upwards elevation means they are prone to debris and bird droppings; they also need to be kept in optimum condition in order to maximise the electricity they produce. Other contaminates that can lessen their effectiveness include soot, pollen, dust and tree sap. Solar panel efficiency decreases markedly if they're not cleaned regularly.


Your home can be harmed substantially if its gutters are neglected. A full gutter gets heavier over time and therefore more likely to become mis-shapen and move away from the fascia boards. This means that your home would be at serious risk of water entry and the considerable expense of putting things right — which can be avoided if you subject your gutters to a regular maintenance scheme. Please call us for more information.

Building cladding

It goes without saying that along with your windows, the outside appearance of your premises instantly communicates a lot about your company image. Dirty or soiled cladding and signage could easily send the wrong message to your potential customers and visitors. Why give them a bad impression before they walk through the door? We offer a comprehensive service to keep your external walls in tip-top condition, both for businesses and residential properties.